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Adventures of Paddington Bear, The


Original Air Date:
HBO Family
Prod. Co.:
CINAR Animation and Protécrea

Characters & Voices
Paddington Brown -
Brown Family -
Aunt Lucy -
After bidding farewell to his Aunt Lucy in darkest Peru, Paddington Bear sails off and eventually finds himself alone in Paddington Station. The label around his neck reads simply: “Please look after this bear. Thank You.” When the Brown family takes him in, they get a lot more than they bargained for.

Paddington is a stranger in a strange land and much of the charm of his adventures comes from his unique way of looking at the world. Many things others take for granted are exactly what he finds so fascinating and worthy of investigation.

Paddington Bear has a knack for turning everyday life into an all-out adventure. Helpful and curious, Paddington always puts his paws where he shouldn’t and inevitably finds himself in sticky situations.

But that’s part of his charm: Who else could take first prize at the dance contest without knowing the first thing about dancing? Who else could win the Tour de France — on a tricycle? And who else could inadvertently become a guest speaker at the White House?

Why Paddington, of course!

Paddington Bear has been a favourite for 40 years. Based on the books by Michael Bond which have been translated into over 20 languages and have sold more than 25 million copies, The Adventures of Paddington Bear is a witty and colourful animated series.
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