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Fangface (Fangface and Fangpuss)


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Ruby-Spears Productions


Characters & Voices
Fangface - Frank Welker
Biff - Jerry Dexter
Puggsy - Bart Braverman
Kim - Susan Blu
Sherman - Frank Welker
Fangpuss - Frank Welker
Sherman Fangsworth had a problem…he wasn't like other guys. When Sherman—or "Fangs," as his friends called him—saw the moon, or a picture of the moon, or even something that looked like the moon, he turned into Fangface, a perpetually hungry werewolf. Rather than frighten the citizenry, however, he did what every teenager did in 70’s cartoons: solve mysteries.

Every 400 years a werewolf is born into the Fangsworth family. Sherman was this generation’s model, a cowardly teenager who was unable to remember his adventures as Fangface after he returned to human form. He hung out with friends Biff, the leader of the group; Kim, a spunky lass who was de facto second-in-command; and Puggsy, who was supposedly Sherman’s best friend, yet spent the better part of every episode referring to him as a “pinhead.”

Crafty children that they were, Sherman’s friends would carry a picture of the moon wherever they went, showing it to Sherm whenever they needed a little help from Fangface. When the transformation was complete, Fangface was usually hungry. He would then eat Puggsy, an act he also repeated whenever he heard food mentioned. The others would have to rub Fangface’s foot to get him to release Puggsy, who was annoyed but otherwise undisturbed by these brushes with death.

In direct contrast to the moon, the sun (or any image of the sun) turned Sherman human again. Thinking ahead, his friends carried pictures of that as well. Together, they would drive around in their Wolf Buggy righting wrongs and battling evildoers.

After one season, Fangface was incorporated into The Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show as Fangface and Fangpuss. The show followed the same plot, but added a new character—Baby Fangs, Sherman’s cousin. The precocious infant was afflicted with the same lycanthropic tendencies as Sherman, turning into mini-wolf Fangpuss. Unlike Sherman, Baby Fangs was aware of the fact that he was becoming a werewolf, and he seemed to like it.

When Plastic Man was revamped in 1980, the segment was dumped, leaving Sherman to bark at the moon alone.
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