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Jim Henson's Storyteller


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Jim Henson Productions

Characters & Voices
Narrator - John Hurt
This show started off with an old storyteller sitting in his chair and talking to you. His dog would pipe in and they would talk to each other. Then his story would begin. There have been some really good storylines in this series. One was about a man that was cursed to live his life as a human / porcupine until he learned to love himself and be loved by someone else, kinda like the beauty and the beast story. During the evenings he could shed his porcupine exterior and let his real flesh bask in the moonlight. In the end, a woman that was, in a way, his prisoner, finally falls in love with him and the curse is lifted. Another tale had a gambler playing cards for his life with a room full of demons.
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