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Legend of Zelda, The


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Characters & Voices
Link - Jonathan Potts
Princess Zelda - Cyndy Preston
King Harkinian - Colin Fox
Triforce of Wisdom - Elizabeth Hanna
Triforce of Power - Allan Stewart Coates
Ganon - Len Carlson
Moblin - Len Carlson
Taking place during the first Legend of Zelda game, the series follows the adventures of Link as he bravely defends the kingdom of Hyrule from an evil wizard Ganon and his dim-witted minions. Each episode consists of Ganon attempting to capture the Triforce of Wisdom from the beautiful Princess Zelda or Ganon coming up with some other scheme to gain total power in Hyrule.

A common running gag of the series was Link's repeated failures to convince the somewhat obstinate Zelda he deserved a kiss for heroic deeds (something his fairy sidekick was quite willing to do, oblivious to him). This may have influenced the later misconception among gamers that Link and Zelda are a romantic item, something never directly implied in any of the video games.

Link occasionally met Zelda's put-upon behavior with a sarcastic "Well Excuuuse me, Princess.
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