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Littlest Pet Shop


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Sunbow Entertainment

Characters & Voices
Stu - Michael Donovan
Viv - Lynda Boyd
Sarge - Gary Chalk
Chloe - Babs Chula
Squeaks - Tel Cole
Elwood - Ian James Corlett
Delilah - Shirley Milliner
Rookie - Sarah Strange
Chet - Lee Tockar
This show targets five different animals. Chloe is a purple cat, Stu is a blue dog, Viv is a pink rabbit, Squeaks is a brown monkey, Harriet is a parrot, and Chet is a yellow horse. These animals live in a pet shop that is run by humans, but they have their own treehouse inside of the store. They go on all sorts of adventures together. Elwood owns the store and is always getting calls or receiving odd packages from his mother, Mumsy, as she travels the world. Delilah is Elwood's gila monster that lives in the shop and is always trying to eat the littlest pet shop animals.
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