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Storykeepers, The


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There are 13 episodes, with each being introduced by a 90 second introductory piece similar to the opening of the pilot; this sets the scene of Rome and Neroís persecution; introduces Ben, the children and their adventures and the stories of Jesus which Ben will tell them.

In Episodes 1-8 each individual episode contains adventures of rescues, escapes and encounters with the Roman authorities as well as three stories of, or by Jesus, demonstrating His wonder working, His healing, His miracles and His parables. The adventures take place in a variety of locations from the city to the high seas, the court of Nero, the underground caves of Rome, Benís bakery and other secret meeting places. The stories of Jesus told at various times and places comes largely from
St. Markís record of the Ministry of Jesus in Galilee. One episode is devoted to the Nativity stories.

Episodes 9-13 are based upon the stories of Holy Week, the betrayal, trial death and the Resurrection of Jesus and beyond. These stories are, unlike those in episodes 1-8, told in the sequential order found in Markís Gospel and are integrated into the experiences and further adventures of Ben and his young friends.

Commissioned by ITV Network, for whom it has topped the UK ratings 3 times in 3 years, the series and the 2 specials based upon it have sold in 108 countries since completion in 1997, including to ZDF, Canal Plus, Mediaset etc.
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