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Venture Bros., The


Original Air Date:
Cartoon Network
Prod. Co.:
Noodlesoup Productions


Characters & Voices
Dr. Thaddeus S. "Rusty" Venture - James Urbaniak
Brock Sampson - Patrick Warburton
Henry Allen "Hank" Venture - Christopher McCulloch
Dean Venture - Michael Sinterniklaas
H.E.L.P.eR. - "Soul Bot"
Dr. Jonas Venture, Jr. - James Urbaniak
Triana Orpheus - Lisa Hammer
Pete White - Christopher McCulloch
Master Billy Quizboy - Doc Hammer
The Pirate Captain - Christopher McCulloch
Dr. Byron Orpheus - Steven Rattazzi
Jefferson Twilight - Charles Parnell
The Alchemist - Dana Snyder
The Monarch - Christopher McCulloch
Henchman 21 - Doc Hammer
Henchman 24 - Christopher McCulloch
Doctor Girlfriend - Doc Hammer
Tim - Tom
Kevin - Doc Hammer
Baron Werner Ünderbheit - T. Ryder Smith
Phantom Limb - James Urbaniak
Sergeant Hatred - Christopher McCulloch
Molotov Cocktease - Mia Barron
Col. Bud Manstrong - Terrence Fleming
Col. Hunter Gathers - Christopher McCulloch
Kim - Nina Hellman
Myra Brandish - Joanna Adler
In this spoof of 1960s cartoons such as "Jonny Quest" and boys' adventure novels like the "Tom Swift" and "Hardy Boys" series, the Venture brothers--Hank and Dean--travel around the world with their renowned scientist father, Doctor Venture. Fraternal twins Hank and Dean are total idiots who think, act and talk like they're in the '60s, even though they're 21st-century teenagers. Doc Venture, who really can't stand his dimwitted sons, pops "diet pills" like candy. Doc reeks of failure and unrealized potential, but he hopes his new invention will bring him the glory and respect he has long sought. Meanwhile the family bodyguard, Brock Sampson, is a former secret agent who responds to any and all crises with relentless, remorseless brutality.
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