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Cattanooga Cats, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Hanna Barbera

Characters & Voices
Crumdon - Daws Butler
Country - Bill Callaway
Happy - Don Messick
Jenny Trent - Janet Wald
The Cattanooga Cats were a feline rock ‘n’ roll combo that included lead singer and dancer Kitty Jo, drummer Groovey, guitarist Country, and cellist Scoots. The group served as a lynchpin for the show by connecting several various segments with their musical fillers. There was supposed to be a rodent named Cheesie, but before the show aired he was scratched from the plot. When the show started to lose some of it's initial popularity, a dog named Teenie Tim was added.

One such segment was Around the World in 79 Days, a loose, modernized adaptation of the Jules Verne classic. Teenagers Phileas Fogg Jr., Jenny, and Happy traveled the globe, hoping to win a million pounds if they completed the tour. Standing in their way was Crumden, his buffoonish sidekick Bumbler, and their pet monkey, Smirky.

The first season of Cattanooga Cats also included the characters Motor Mouse and Auto Cat, who were spun off into their own show in 1970. This segment featured the oversized Auto Cat competing against Motor Mouse in a series of car races. As with Tom and Jerry, the rodent always managed to beat the feline.

When Motor Mouse and Auto Cat bolted, they took with them another Cattanooga Cats segment, It's the Wolf. In it, the vain and idiotic Mildew Wolf would endlessly chase cute little Lambsy, hoping to “have him over for dinner.” Lambsy, determined that winding up the wolf’s bill of faire would be entirely unfair, would yelp his famous tag-line: “It’s the wool-uff! It’s the wool-uff!”

The Cattanooga Cats ran for one more season after the departure of its component cartoons, airing only reruns.
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