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Dragon Booster


Original Air Date:
Toon Disney
Prod. Co.:


Characters & Voices
Artha Penn - Matt Hill
Lance Penn - Kathleen Barr
Announcer - Kathleen Barr
Marianis - Kathleen Barr
Parmon Sean - Lee Tockar
Priest - Lee Tockar
Khatah - Lee Tockar
Tannis - Lee Tockar
Word Paynn - Mark Oliver
Drakkus - Mark Oliver
Moordryd Paynn - Trevor Devall
Wulph - Trevor Devall
Captain Faier - Trevor Devall
Connor Penn - Garry Chalk
Mortis - Garry Chalk
Kitt Wonn - Lenore Zann
Spynn - Lenore Zann
Cain - Scott McNeil
Race Marshall Budge - Richard Newman
Propheci - Michael Kopsa
Reepyr - Michael Kopsa
Pyrrah - Nicole Oliver
Sentrus - Nicole Oliver
Phistus - Andrew Francis
Additional Voices - Brent Miller
Additional Voices - Richard Newman
Dorsall - Sam Vincent
Stewardd - Sam Vincent
Vociferous - Sam Vincent
Kawake - Brian Drummond
Additional Voices - Brian Drummond
Armeggaddon - Gerard Plunkett
Rivett - Jonathan Holmes
Dragon Booster follows the story of young Artha Penn, a stable boy who rides Beaucephalis (or "Beau" for short), the dragon of legend. He becomes a Dragon Booster, a hero to protect the world from impending Dragon-Human war, and to unite humans and dragons for all time.
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In 1914, Harold Knerr replaced creator Rudolph Dirks on The Katzenjammer Kids.