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Doodlebops, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Cookie Jar Entertainment

Characters & Voices
Deedee - Lisa Lennox
Moe - Jonathan Wexler
Rooney - Chad McNamara
Mazz - Kim Roberts
Bus Driver - Bob John Catucci
Mudge - Ron Stefaniuk
Moosehead - Ron Stefaniuk
Chickens - Ron Stefaniuk
Others - Ron Stefaniuk
They’re cooler than cool. They’re hotter than hot. They’re hip rockers for preschoolers. They’re THE DOODLEBOPS-and they star in their own hit TV series on Kids’ CBC.

This new musical comedy series stars DEEDEE, ROONEY and MOE DOODLE-three multi-talented rock stars on the lookout for a good time. Kids can join the Doodlebops as they practice in the coolest rehearsal space imaginable. When the world famous band isn’t rehearsing, they’re zooming off in their tour bus with BUS DRIVER BOB to perform for youngsters everywhere.

In each episode, young viewers will learn physical development (co-ordination, dancing), music education, pro-social messages (sharing, caring, teamwork, co-operation), language and literacy skills (rhyming and word recognition)-all through the power of music.

The Doodlebops have distinct personalities and approach the world in very different ways. Their interaction is similar to that of schoolmates or siblings. DEEDEE, who acts as the oldest and the leader, comes up with a plan. MOE will inadvertently upset it and ROONEY will think of a way to solve the problem. The strongest bond between the three friends is their love of music.

This daily half-hour variety show focuses on music and songs with repeating lyrics to encourage young children to sing along, act out lyrics or follow easy dance-step instructions. While the emphasis is on music, a theme is explored in each show arising out of situations experienced by the band members and their friends.

The main action takes place in a theatre the Doodlebops use as their rehearsal hall. The theatre is full of doors of different sizes, shapes and colors-each revealing something totally different every time it’s opened. The costumes are glam rock with Dr. Seuss hairdos and everything is over the top, big and colourful. The Doodlebops play real instruments, but their costumes also feature elements that can be played: spikes of hair that sound like a harp, a hat that sounds like a drum, buttons that honk or beep and a belt you play like a keyboard.

THE DOODLEBOPS is produced by Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc. in association with Kids’ CBC. Cheryl Hassen is creative head, children’s and youth programming for CBC Television.

- cbc.ca
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