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Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension


Original Air Date:
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Live Action

Characters & Voices
Nicholas "Nick" Bluetooth - Matthew Ewald
Allegra Zane - Marie
Jens - Sam Magdi
Jens (Voice) - Michael O'Reilly
Euripides - Jeff Hall
Euripides (Voice) - Georges Morris
Nepol - Claude Girous
Nepol (Voice) - Walter Massey
Gorm - Derrick Damon Reeve, Steven P. Park
Gorm (Voice) - Ian Finlay
Lind - Karen Cliche
Queen Riana - Tara Leigh
Samual "The Stranger" Bluetooth - Randy Thomas
On his birthday, Nick Bluetooth recieves some kind of map that takes him and his best friend, Allegra Zane, to a ship (which is shaped like an egg). A robot named Jens on the ship thinks they two teens have comes to save the Outer Dimension from an evil overlord. With the help of a power known as "glitching", which helps him to change his arms and legs into things he finds along his travels, Nick plans to find the pieces of the Key to Galidor to rescue the Outer Dimension.


Nick Bluetooth:
A boy of 15 years in age. He has a special power called "glinching" (verb: glinch) which enables him to transform his body's matter into different kinds of matter; usually, he turns his limbs into limbs of other species or specialized machines. A brash and foolish hero, he will usually act first and think later, usually getting himself into more trouble than necessary. At times can be self-centered and obnoxious, is certain he is the leader and knows what's best. Despite his failings, he has a pure heart and desires feverishly to do the right thing despite any odds. Nicholas spends a good deal of the first season not realizing that he is descended from the Stranger (Sam Bluetooth) and Queen Riana.

Allegra Zane:
14 year old alleged computer genius (though only once do we see her use a computer). Nicholas's only friend, a karate expert. She is dragged into the Outer Dimension against her will and desires only to go home, until an encounter in Dreejal-Vin in episode 6 ("Belonging") with tunnel-dwellers makes her realize what is at stake. She is Nicholas's calm voice, where he is brash and foolish, she is calm and sedated.

The Chief Scientist of the Royal Court of Galidor. Originally a Wexar, a plant-like creature, his body was burned by Gorm, and he downloaded his mind into a robot body in order to complete his mission and recover "The Warrior," not realizing at first that it is Nick. Jens was also not fond of Allegra when the series began, whining that she is a complainer and "not supposed to be here." Usually acts nervous and panicky, and speaks with an odd high-pitched voice. Halfway through the show his "claw hands" are replaced with more articulate gloves.

scholar (for some court), resembles a large anthropomorphic frog called an Amphibib. He is from the Realm of Arbo and the last of his kind. Philosopher and Nicholas's spiritual advisor. He carries a staff and has psychic powers which include telekinesis and limited heat generation.

A Siktari warrior from the frozen realm of Elta Siktar, originally a tall Siktari warrior and leader of Galidor's army, was compacted by Gorm into a small Siktari. Visually impaired, needs glasses. He wields a luka (an icy-looking spear), runs extremely fast and can project freezing blasts.

A mysterious character who shows up in a few episodes at the end. She is a native Galidorian who can dissolve into a purple gel. Like Nick, she is certain she knows what's best and clashes with Nick and company at every opportunity. She and Nicholas begin to connect after rescuing Euripides from Earth.

Sam Bluetooth (AKA The Stranger):
he is adventure and scientist, he met Queen Rhiana (Nicholas's mother), presumably 16 years back (?, left for Galidor in mid-1985)). Sam Bluetooth constructed the Egg (most likely in the Outer Dimension, having used his house to go there in the first place). In the beginning of the series he is seen falling into a chasm, but at the end of the series he is shown as Gorm's captive.

Queen Riana:
The Queen of Galidor. Appears in the series mostly as a mental hologram that only Nicholas can see, offering cryptic advice and warnings.

The show's main villain. Once the chief advisor of the Royal Court of Galidor, Gorm has become a menace throughout the Outer Dimension. He conquered many realms, wiped out some species (like the Amphibibs), and made a virus in the Maps. He has Sam Bluetooth in his clutches and plans to conquer Galidor. He has the ability to glinch at a much weaker level than Nick (he stole a small part of Nick's power when Nick was a baby) but amplifies it to a great degree through a device on his chest.

One of Gorm's main minions, Tager is the master of Mind Control and interrogated Allegra in the second season.

A bounty hunter working for Gorm, he attacks with an energy bolt that turns into a claw upon impact.

Leader of the Aquarts, Caliphonic is a minion of Gorm.
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