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LBS Children's Theater


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Lexington Broadcasting Services Inc.

Characters & Voices
Host/ Head Puppeteer - Chuck McCann
Mr.McNasty - Chuck McCann
Lester The TV Cameraman - Chuck McCann
Homer The tv announcer - Chuck McCann
Mildred - Chuck McCann
Roy the sad face doorman - Chuck McCann
Wooley Rabbitt - Chuck McCann
Lucielle McNasty (Mr.McNasty's wife) - Chuck McCann
In the fall of 1983, Chuck McCann and Paul Ashley were to be reunited as host and head puppeteer for this nationally syndicated tv cartoon anthology series. Sadly, Paul Ashley's health began to fail and McCann took over as the program's host and puppeteer.

Using editech (A new video editing device) McCann appeared on camera with the puppets. As he and "Mr.Mc Nasty" would introduce reruns of former prime time animated tv specials "Rikki Tikki Tavi", "The White Seal", "The Jungle Book" and animated films from Europe "The NutCracker", "The Snow Queen", "Stan The Christmas Stan", "The Talking Package", etc.

"LBS Children's Theater" was seen in national syndication and locally on WNBC TV Ch.4 in NYC on Saturday mornings from September, 1983 to September,1984.
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